Slots Strategy

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Winning Slots Strategy

Slots strategy

Are you looking for a secret strategy to play winning slots? A magic slots strategy that simply delivers results? Sad to say we cannot help! If however you acknowledge that slots produce random results in both online slots and land based slots, and that we must manage our slots play within these results, then you’ll be a winner yet!

Random Slots results

A RNG (Random number generator) is an advanced mechanism that is set up to produce random results both in online slots and land based slot machines. Imagine if each sequence of results were produced only if the outside temperature were at a certain degree. Imagine if you set that result to read to the millionth of a degree. That type of fluctuation is what we are talking about here. Given the right sequence of events, the progressive jackpot can conceivably be hit 3 times in a row, or you can receive absolutely no payout for 20 spins in a row as well! We feel that the results that are randomly produced by any casino online are truly reflective of the “odds of chance”. The evidence supports this and the fact that slots payouts consistently exceed 90% and generally even 95%, tell us we are not chasing an elusive target!

Money management at Slots Casinos

A principle known as throwing good money after bad applies. When the Random Number Generator is producing a series of bad results for you, it is NOT appropriate to throw more and more cash at the slots machine in the hope of winning. This will lead to losses. Rather acknowledge that there will be good days and there will be bad days. When it comes to money management, we suggest a pre-planned spend that is well within your budget. An example of a slots strategy based on money management is:

  • Assume the following: 10 spins per minute at 3 coins per spin with a return of 95%
  • 10c gives you a spend rate of $9 per hour
  • 25c gives you a spend rate of $22.50 per hour
  • 50c gives you a spend rate of $50 per hour
  • $1 gives you a spend rate of $100 per hour
  • $5 gives you a spend rate of $500 per hour

Choose a Game

Now, given the above assumption, you would first choose an appropriate slots machine that would give you loads of play whilst always offering the chance of winning a big one. Things to take into account when choosing a slots machine will include:

  • The paytable on certain slots machines may well be more attractive for those slot machines which don’t have a progressive jackpot. We suggest first playing these slots with the better paytables and building up a bit of cash flow before moving on to the more meaty progressive jackpot slots.
  • The denomination of the machine. If you want to play for an hour and only have $100, then DON’T try the $5 machine!
  • The size of the jackpot. If you have a choice of 4 similar machines, then go with the one with the biggest jackpot payout.
  • The historical payout percentage of that machine (check with casino support to find this out, the machines are generally audited).

Additional Tips

Some rules apply when you begin playing your selected slots machine and of course using a slots strategy:

  • Don’t ever play less than maximum bet. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes if a less than maximum bet hits the jackpot! Just think what it would feel like missing a $1 Million payout and winning a few thousands dollars instead!
  • Don’t stick with a “Dead Machine”. If you start playing and the machine simply does not pay out, make the assumption that the Random Number Generator is in a down cycle and look for a machine that is paying positively.
  • We would suggest a maximum of 10 spins before deciding to move on.

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