Video Games

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Video games

Video games are nearly as the same age as the personal computer. They were between those programs that were designed to verify the correct function ability of computers. In the nineties the personal computer started to conquer the American households. Once with the appearance of graphic and sound cards, the big video game companies started to develop games for the personal computer. After that appeared the large consoles like PlayStation or Sega, which were not as expensive as computers, but graphically they were more developed that the computer. They become very popular just in a few years and at least three families out of five had such a game console.

Over the years these consoles were developed constantly and now we have more elaborated consoles that offer us, not just very real game situations, but also a highly developed sound and image.

Video games are played everywhere in the world, by persons at every age even if there is a misconception that video games are played just by children. This is not true because video games are highly popular. The popularity of video games increased with the appearance of online casinos. The best online casinos offered not just unlike poker games, but also online video games for the entertainment of players. Video games can be divided into many categories, strategy video games that are usually played with more players; they have maps, leagues, all kind of stages. There are also the video games that are played individually; they regularly are intelligent games or video games just for entertainment. There are many domains and parts of the real life that appear in video games, to create a whole new virtual world. Virtual families and communities that have their own organization, laws and even language. This kind of video game is the Sims. There are also the video games that stimulate our abilities and competences, our talent in drawing, singing, dancing or even playing instruments, like the new video game Guitar Hero. There are also the games that take us to different stages of history, of human evolution, for example Tribes, in the medieval times, but you can also go to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome or Greece.

Video games are good for fun or even to learn, but you must pay attention, not to become addicted.

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