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Interactive Slots

In our ever changing world, slot games have just taken a step forward and now present Interactive slots.

Interactive slots are like every other slot machine, they carry a theme, some have some animation, they have Jackpots and audio sounds that would match any land based casino, except for one difference, there is an extra interactive game here.

In amongst the symbols there will be a specific set of symbols that you will need to hit on a specific reel or pay line to open up the interactive slot. Once you have done this a second screen will open up and you are now playing the Interactive Slots.

These games normally take form of choices that have to be made. You will be presented with a certain amount of symbols which will be appropriate to the theme of the slot game and Behind each symbol there will either be a prize or a losing symbol, so depending on what you choose will determine your outcome. For example, in the 5 reel, 9 payout line game of Cool Bananas, hit three of the cool banana symbols and you will open up a bonus game where you will face 6 obstacles. Clear these six obstacles and there will be a huge prize waiting for you at the end.

Once this interactive has been played and you have either been a winner or you have loser, you will then return to the slot game and carry on with play as normal until another set of symbols appear in the right order.

Some Interactive Slot Games actually boast a stop button. The outcome of this will strictly depend on the speed of your hand – eye co-ordination. Watch the spinning reels closely and if you see the right combination of symbols spinning, hit that stop button in time to keep them on a specific winning line and then watch your credits increase.

Slot games have truly been around for many years and as time marches on so, it is only appropriate to expect that games will evolve accordingly and appropriately. This interactive game is relatively new, but it is certainly a welcome for the more adventurous player.