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Slot Machines

There are many casinos offering slot machines for you to play. Your problem is finding a good online slots casino that offers diverse slots games and great slots jackpots. First up though, you need to know what slot machines are out there and what features make them special.

Slot games make up the most popular of online casino games today. They started out in the late 1800’s as simple 3 reel slot machine (visit our slots history page) but experienced growth in the latter part of the 20th Century to include multi reel slots and video slots.

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There is a rumour that a slot machine is the worst bet in an online casino. Not true! Audited results show that slot machines pay out between 95% and 100% of playthough. Casino games like keno have far worse rates of return! Of course, slots are generally played because of the chance of winning a progressive slots jackpot. A number of online millionaires have been made playing slots. The same cannot be said for the other games!

Types of slot games

Keep a lookout for the following Slot machines. Each has their own particular flavour and just about every one has a faithful following!

  • Classical 3 reel, 1 line Slot Machines. Get 3 winning symbols in alignment. The payout is set out in a table on the machine. The denomination can vary, giving you a choice.
  • 3 reel, 3 line Slots. Extra coins purchase extra payout lines, i.e. the top and bottom line thus giving you 3 winning chances.
  • 5 or more reel Slot Machines. You will find larger variations of “payout lines” with zigzag like patterns also giving a return. These slots use up a lot of coins but big surprise wins are the
    order of the day.
  • Progressive Slot Machines. A network of slot games are connected and all contribute to the Jackpot prize. These are the “millionaire” machines like Major Millions (microgaming). Visit Vegas Slot Online Casino and play Major Millions!
  • Bonus Slot Machines. A newer feature of video slots is the bonus game feature. My favourite is Genies Gem (Microgaming). Visit Golden Tiger Online Casino and play Genies Gem!

Many slot machines are mere clones with only the symbols being changed to add to the collection. Our featured casinos however are very focused on player enjoyment and offer the greatest variety of unique games.

Loose slot machines

In a land based casino, loose slot machines are strategically posted near entrances and the like to catch the attention of visitors. Bait so that when they go play at another available slot machine, then of course it is nowhere near as loose! The problem with online slot machines is of course that they are virtual and you can’t “see” what’s happening around you. How do you overcome this? The answer is quite simple so read on:

  • Many online casinos are audited and you can view the payouts on their certificates. Simply chose the highest payout rate
  • Slot machines can have their rates set by the casino. Land based casinos have more overheads. Sufficient proof exists that online casinos have higher payout rates than do their landbased counterparts
  • Then the obvious. Choose a slots machine jackpot that is the highest paying to play. No point in flogging a slots machine for $10 000 when a similar slots machine is paying $20 000!