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Online Slots Variations

Online Slot Machines are undoubtedly the most popular game played at any online casino. In fact some online casinos literally only offer slot machines and nothing else as the players who play there, need no further entertainment.

The principle of an online slot machines stays the same, but as time has progressed, and people have got tired of the original 3-reel, 1 pay out line slot machine, more and more variations of this slot machine have been designed.

Today, there are a multitude of variations, but all variations fall under three categories.

3-reel, 1 payout line is what would be termed the very basic Slot game. Here there are no extras, no bonuses, no huge payouts. With this machine, you decide what you want your wager to be, push the bet button followed by pushing the play or spin button. The reels will tumble and hopefully on your winning line you will get a few extra coins in your account.

The more advanced style of slot is the 5 reel with multiple payout lines. Some of these machines can have in the excess of 20 payout lines which gives you a wide array of points to earn extra cash. These machines normally come with wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus plays, free spins, hold buttons and a few extra twists and turns to make the game interesting and exciting.

Bonus slots is a specific slot machine that only deals in slot games that offer bonus spins. There will be a specific combination or a specific amount of scatter symbols on one winning line will depict how many free or bonus spins you will be allocated. During these free spins, more bonus points and winnings can be accumulated.

Progressive slots come with a huge promise. There is normally a huge Jackpot attached to these slot games. Here, a general rule of thumb would be that you have to bed the maximum amount of coins to qualify for the total jackpot. Pay only a portion of the required amount, and only a portion of the jackpot will be paid out to you.

Slot games are fun, fast and for the player that likes a wide variety or choice of games, there would be no better online game to play.