Winning at Slots

Slot players certainly want to win and we hope this article can help you with winning at slots.

Winning at Slots

Guide to Winning at Slots

Are you among those who enjoy playing at slot machines? Do you like the element of uncertainty within the game, or the chance to win a lump sum of money easily? Or do you play instead only for the entertainment or excitement of playing? If you are amongst the fans of the slot machines, you might have lived a dream-life for a long time thinking that there exists a trick which guarantees your success 100%. I might upset you, but that’s not true: there are not any tricks that give you a 100% guarantee of winning. But the good news is that there are certain tips and tricks which can make your play safer and can teach you become more successful! That’s what this article can do. Good luck at the slots, and try to be on a winning streak.

Common Misbelief

To begin with, I should remind you to a common misbelief. People usually try to avoid the fact that there is no slots strategy that could make you a stable winner at the slots. They forget that slot machines provide them with games of chances which are random.

It is impossible to make any predictions about the results. You cannot find any secrets with which to beat the slots, this is impossible! However, there still exist some pieces of pure advice which can be useful for those playing at slots and might even increase the probability of winning. In order to avoid the mistakes committed by many advisors, this article was preceded by a precise research in order to give you useful tips and some real pieces of advice. It won’t obscure or confuse you, but it tries to lengthen your entertainment by making you aware of the risks and of the danger of being trapped by believing in the 100% slots strategies. So let’s see how you can make your slot playing time more enjoyable!

Know the slot machine

The first issue that needs to be checked prior to playing is the payout schedule and the requirements or eligibility for the jackpot. Don’t play at such machines for which the winning odds are not set! It is essential for you to look for those machines that provide you with the highest payback percentages. This should be somewhere over 95%! You most probably won’t find any labels put on these loose machines which would tell you: ‘Choose me!’, but the fact is, that they should be somewhere at the center.

You might ask: ‘Why?’ It is because casinos try to magnetize future players by showing them others who win. That’s why the looser machines are usually in those places where traffic is high. If you still hold in suspicion, you may ask local people, they will most probably help you. Keep in mind that generally the higher denomination machines (so those requiring higher-value coins) have a higher return percentage.

Strategy for Winning at Slots

There is a good ‘slot strategy’ so to say that refers to dividing the money you want to bet with into several parts for different playing times. If you are lucky, and have a good session, that’s perfect! Line your pocket or add the sum of money you won to the next playing session. However, if you lose all your money that was planned for a certain session, that’s a useful sign that the time has arrived to stop playing for a while! You can enjoy something else instead of losing more money!

Read the Paytable and Rules

Third, you should always be clear with the slot machine rules prior to playing. This might seem a commonsense advice, but many players don’t feel the need to read the rules before whirling. But why is this important? It is because some slot machines won’t pay a bonus on a particular combination unless you place the maximum required number of coins. So be aware of playing the maximum coins on these machines, otherwise your chances of winning decrease considerably!

Fourth, there is an essential rule you should keep in mind. Winning at slots doesn’t necessarily mean winning money. You can get a free meal, enjoy the show that is provided for customers, or you might get a gift from the casino. There are also some good loyalty bonuses given to those who play regularly. Seize this opportunity as much as you can!

Be Ready to Change Slot Machines

Another useful advice would be not to dwell on tight machines! You can avoid this by determining a spin limit prior to playing, which can be around four-five spins. A machine that does not hit a winning combination after three or four spins is not worth playing at. Don’t forget that it is the house that has higher chances in the long term! Nevertheless, if you happen to win constantly at a particular machine, take advantage of this situation and bet more! You’re very likely to win more money! And of course, don’t forget to cash the money out that you have won!

To go on, it is useful to keep in mind that good money management skills might be very helpful and they can bring to perfection your slot playing experience. This doesn’t refer to making better profits, but it means that you recognize in time when you have to stop. It also involves setting a money-limit as well, namely a sum of money you can easily afford to lose a day. This is essential, as winning is not guaranteed at slots! In addition to this, your winning chances are not affected by the amount of money you bet on the slot machine. So be brave but also aware of the financial decision you make! Bear in mind that a good slot strategy involves keeping track of how much you can spend, and standing to the initial budget. This advice might sound strange, but it is worth sticking to it!

One more ‘prohibitive’ rule is not to play when being tired or drunken! On the other hand it’s good to take frequent breaks while playing, as this way you might extend your playing time with less money.

Play Slots for Fun

Last, but not least, let’s give you the most important ‘tip’ so to say. Enjoy your play and have fun! Don’t be frustrated in a frenzy of despair if things aren’t working the way you planned! A good thing for you to do is to join a slots club or any casino clubs, as these are free and you might meet other people having the same hobby like you. You can share experiences and strategies, you’ll have companions, and you might get free meals, many types of rewards, and other extras! Joining a promotional system is always beneficial, so take advantage of this option in any way you can!


And let’s have the most important tips again that bear repeating! Keep them in mind as they sum up the entire slot machine strategy. First, try to find those slot machines that provide the highest payout. This step involves studying the payout schedule as well. Second, set up a limit for your budget, which should be equal with the money that you can afford to lose a day. Don’t forget that winning is not possible all the time! Third, change the slot machine in case you cannot hit a winning combination after 3-4 spins! On the contrary, insist on playing at those machines you are permanently winning at! Fourth, join a slots club! And the most important is to always bear in mind the slot machines’ randomness, and play for the pure fun that slot machines can provide! Have an entertaining and enjoyable experience!