Crazy 80s

Video Slot called Crazy 80s

Crazy 80s Video Slot Review

If you like playing video slots you will enjoy this 5 reel slot game.

Introduction to the Crazy 80s Video Slot

Celebrate the time of the Crazy 80’s, when the colour of your socks matched the colour of your hair. This video slot is packed with awesome graphics and will brighten your outlook when three or more scattered dance shoes appear and multiply your winning combination by the the amount of coins staked. What would the 80’s be like without the ghetto blaster which substitutes for all symbols other than the scatters. Crazy 80’s like its time in history will bring excitement and great entertainment to all.

Game Screen of the Crazy 80s Video Slot

Crazy 80s Video Slot Game


You can play the Crazy 80s video slot here


What’s the Crazy 80s Video Slot all about?

The 80’s signaled the start of the computer age, following on from the creation of Microsoft and Apple towards the end of the 70’s , the technology and the speed of innovation both in Hardware and Software together with the cheapness provided a speed of growth and take up . The birth of the IBM PC signaled the start of Personal Computers first in the Offices and then into peoples homes becoming an integral part of our lives. Following on from Microsoft’s MSDOS on PC’s to the first versions of Windows a GUI Graphical User Interface as well as the Hardware and Software changes a new technology was evolving starting as Bulletin boards later to become what we now know as the Internet invented by English physicist Tim Berners and the beginnings of the World Wide Web. This was also the Decade that the Post-It was introduced which came from a glue invented in 1968 accidentally while trying to discover a stronger glue at 3M by Spencer Silver.

Crazy 80s Video Slot Bonus Screens

Crazy 80s Video Slot Payscreen 1

Crazy 80s Video Slot Vital Statistics

Theme – The 80’s
Reels – 5 Reels
Paylines – 9 Paylines
Coin Sizes – 0.25; 0.50; 1.00; 2.00; 5.00
Coins per Payline – 1
Highest Pay – 25 000 coins
Maximum Jackpot – 5 000 coins x 1 coin per line x 5.00 = 25 000 coins in base game
Wild Symbol – Yes
Scatter symbol – Yes
Free Spins – No
Bonus Spins – No
Feature – No

Crazy 80s Video Slot Paylines

Scatters – 50 times 1 coin for five symbols
Chick Lady – 5000 times 1 coin for five symbols
Hip Hop Lady – 600 times 1 coin for five symbols
Radio and Magazines – 500 times 1 coin for five symbols
Sun Glasses, Keys and Tape – 300 times 1 coin for five symbols
Accessories – 250 times 1 coin for five symbols
Ace – 150 times 1 coin for five symbols
King – 120 times 1 coin for five symbols
Queen – 120 times 1 coin for five symbols
Jack – 100 times 1 coin for five symbols
Ten – 100 times 1 coin for five symbols

Crazy 80s Video Slot wrap up

The Crazy 80’s is packed with awesome colourful graphics, and yields two simple but well paying features with a substitute and scatter over 5 reels by 9 paylines.